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Andrea Layne

official Title:

business consultant & project manager.

And to help you build a business that fits your mission, too.

unofficial Title:

the business engineer.

favorite Title:

wife & mom

my mission:

to live a big life!

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what if your business life Could be simplified?

Seriously! What if?

is it really possible?


I know so. Because I've have done it myself.

I ​​served ​11 years ​as a​n IT​ project manager and systems consultant for Fortune 500 companies​ and​ a Big 5 Firm​ in the beginning of my career​.​ That experience gave me a foundation and process for helping businesses run more effectively.​

I have always loved design and art, and in 2011, I decided it was time to pursue this passion. I built a high-end ​wedding ​floral design company​ serving the Tampa Bay market.​ While I adored "playing with flowers" all the time, I realized it was taking me away from my family more and more as it grew.

So after 7 years, I knew it was time to pursue a different option. That's when I came back to my roots as a consultant, but this time I am working with creative, service-oriented entrepreneurs to guide them to financial success with less overwhelm.

I know big business. I've strategized systems for giant corporations. And I deeply know small business​, because I have been there in the trenches of making mistakes and having successes​. I know what its like to battle profit margins, feel the weight of wearing all the hats, and worry if I could ever make enough to actually pay my bills through my creative passion.

When you win, I win. When you have a breakthrough, I'm your biggest cheerleader. Seeing you thrive in your mission in both life and business is what it is all about.

in my corporate days,

but i had other dreams.

back to my roots.

so are you ready for a breakthrough?

right this way