business consulting

for go-getting
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Andrea Layne

official Title:

business consultant & project manager.

And to help you build a business that fits your mission, too.

unofficial Title:

the business engineer.

favorite Title:

wife & mom

my mission:

to live a big life!

my why

what if this could be simple?

Seriously! What if?

what if you could...


is it really possible?

stop doing every single thing they say You "have" to for success?

and just do what makes sense.

Do you have to be on every marketing platform? Do you have to sell the products you really don't like? No.

say no to that seemingly pressing thing so you don't miss out?

on your marriage. On your kids lives.

You can grow this business while actually living your life!

enjoy every single task and project in your business?

like really love it?

What if sitting down at your desk wasn't stressful but rather exciting!? Life giving!

scale this biz by doing more of what you love?

more of what you're really good at?

Instead of chasing your tail trying to one up your already really good offerings in the chase for growth.

make your whole business and process simple?

complicated doesn't mean better

What if you could shave off hours from your workflows by eliminating the unnecessary? Freedom!

confidently know you spend your time doing profitable work?

and quit QUESTIONING everything!

So you can produce your best work. So you can give your best to your clients and customers.


I know so. Because I've done it both ways.

I ​​served ​11 years ​as a​n IT​ project manager and systems consultant for Fortune 500 companies​ and​ a Big 5 Firm​ in the beginning of my career​.​ That experience gave me a foundation and process for helping businesses run more effectively.​

I have always loved design and art, and in 2011, I decided it was time to pursue this passion. I built a high-end ​wedding ​floral design company​ serving the Tampa Bay market.​ While I adored "playing with flowers" all the time, I realized it was taking me away from my family more and more as it grew.

So after 7 years, I knew it was time to pursue a different option. That's when I came back to my roots as a consultant, but this time I am working with creative, service-oriented entrepreneurs to guide them to financial success with less overwhelm.

I know big business. I've strategized systems for giant corporations. And I deeply know small business​, because I have been there in the trenches of making mistakes and having successes​. I know what its like to battle profit margins, feel the weight of wearing all the hats, and worry if I could ever make enough to actually pay my bills through my creative passion.

When you win, I win. When you have a breakthrough, I'm your biggest cheerleader. Seeing you thrive in your mission in both life and business is what it is all about.

in my corporate days,

but i had other dreams.

back to my roots.

so are you ready for a breakthrough?

right this way

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