So you want to use Asana to run your health business like a boss?!?

But you have no idea how to get started!

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SOFTWARE NEEDED: Asana account
PRICE: $97 - FREE with the Wellness Business Bundle

Asana 101: Learn the basics of Asana

LISTS, BOARDS, TASKS, SUBTASKS - what are these things? How do you use them to tame your to-do list, systematize your services, and stay on track?

Asana 101 will save you from a life of clicking around in the system, googling how to use Asana (beware of that rabbit hole), and teach you the FUNdamentals for getting the most out of this tool — in under 60 minutes.

Inside this course, you’ll learn:

>> A breakdown of techie terminology in Asana and how to use the components, so you'll know what to create and when.

>> Lots of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will make life on the app easier (cue the “ooooh that’s handy!” reaction on repeat).

>> How to use Asana to manage your projects and business, with a guide to creating structure, action and accounta-freakin’-bility FTW!