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A Roadmap to Scaling

Every where you look you see the word SCALE in relation to growing your business, but do you really understand what it even is? In this talk, we will discover:

Knowing your mission and vision

Mapping out your Revenue Streams

Figuring out the right mix of doing, automating, delegating, and eliminating


Getting comfortable with Failing

In order to move forward and grow in business, you often have to try new things and sometimes they fail. In this talk, we discuss moving past failure and what to do if you get stuck. We'll learn:

My personal failure story and recovery

How to overcome fears to allow you to take more risks

Why failure and taking calculated risks are important to your growth


Using systems to boost your effectiveness

Do you know the difference between being busy and being effective in your business? This talk is all about how to  focus on the right things to move your business forward. We'll cover:

Understanding busy versus effective

The why behind systems & software

5 ways to use systems to boost your effectiveness

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Andrea Layne

official Title:

business consultant & project manager.

I'm a business & systems consultant helping go-getting entrepreneurs take their vision for a profitable business and full life and put smart strategies behind it​, ​so they can build it to last.

I ​​served ​11 years ​as a​n IT​ project manager and systems consultant for Fortune 500 companies​ and​ a Big 5 Firm​ in the beginning of my career​.​ That experience gave me a foundation and process for helping businesses run more effectively.​

I have always loved design and art, and in 2011, I decided it was time to pursue this passion. I built a high-end ​wedding ​floral design company​ serving the Tampa Bay market.​ While I adored "playing with flowers" all the time, I realized it was taking me away from my family more and more as it grew. So after 7 years, I knew it was time to pursue a different option. That's when I came back to my roots as a consultant, but this time I am working with creative, service-oriented entrepreneurs to guide them to financial success with less overwhelm.

I know big business. I've strategized systems for giant corporations. And I deeply know small business​, because I have been there in the trenches of making mistakes and having successes​. I know what its like to battle profit margins, feel the weight of wearing all the hats, and worry if I could ever make enough to actually pay my bills through my creative passion.

I took all that I learned ​on this life journey to help others breakthrough the ceiling of stress in business and finally ​achieve their goals. I'd be honored to serve through speaking at your event!

unofficial Title:

the business engineer.

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