you're a hard Worker.

you're an expert in your field.

BUT let's be honest...

Running a business is harder than you thought!

you're hitting a Wall...

and can't figure out the          steps to take to ease the struggle.

and can't figure out the                steps to ease the struggle.


Let me tell you what you don't need to do...


get some more productivity tips?





none of this is bad,      

but they are often      


but they are just band-aids.

So what do you need to do?

to be effective...

Let me explain

It's time...

Efficiency is doing it the right way & Productivity is doing more in less time.

These are just TOOLS...


is working on the                     that align with your vision, values, & strengths

right things

It's a small shift in thinking that makes a BIG difference. Trying to juggle all the things is a recipe for stress, overwhelm, and burnout in your business and driving yourself into the ground in your life.

breakthroughs happen

when you step back, evaluate,

and apply smart strategies to your actions for massive shifts in income, output, and business growth.

strategy . action . BREAKTHROUGH

How can you get out from under the weight of struggling to find sustainable success?

Do you find yourself...

Overwhelmed with trying to manage it all... from your clients to your virtual assistant to your schedule?

Struggling to figure out how to get it all done each day without clocking 15 hour work days & working weekends?

Dealing with to-do lists that are a mile long and too many Trello boards to count with no end in sight?

Unable to start that dream project sitting on the back burner because you just can't even?

Unsure of how to recreate the success you've seen others attain for scalable financial growth?

strategy to action

The help you need NOW to achieve your vision & scale your profits.


i'm here to help

With over 20 years experience as a consultant and project manager and running my own businesses, I can help you create a sustainable strategy using the Pathway to the Money framework to:

Align your goals to your mission and vision to make sure you are accomplishing what fits your purpose.

Focus on priorities so you can work on what matters and only what will move your business forward.

Layout pathway to the money to align your offers to make the profits you want.

Produce results by creating a simplified strategy for actions with responsibility and deadlines.

YES! Let's talk!

Sound like what you need?

INCLUDES: 5 60-minute Zoom video calls, Asana boards to organize the chaos ... & at least one BREAKTHROUGH!!!

prioritize your goals.
align your offers.
eliminate stress.

It's time to implement the Pathway to the money:
purpose | Alignment | Tactics | Health

Wondering how this works?


Andrea Layne

official Title:

business consultant & project manager.

You're the architect. You have the vision and you​'re​ designing a life you love. I'm the engineer. I'm the one who helps you take that vision and put smart strategies behind it​, ​so you can build it to last.

I ​​served ​11 years ​as a​n IT​ project manager and systems consultant for Fortune 500 companies​ and​ a Big 5 Firm​ in the beginning of my career​.​ That experience gave me a foundation and process for helping businesses run more effectively.​

I have always loved design and art, and in 2011, I decided it was time to pursue this passion. I built a high-end ​wedding ​floral design company​ serving the Tampa Bay market.​ While I adored "playing with flowers" all the time, I realized it was taking me away from my family more and more as it grew. So after 7 years, I knew it was time to pursue a different option. That's when I came back to my roots as a consultant, but this time I am working with creative, service-oriented entrepreneurs to guide them to financial success with less overwhelm.

I know big business. I've strategized systems for giant corporations. And I deeply know small business​, because I have been there in the trenches of making mistakes and having successes​. I know what its like to battle profit margins, feel the weight of wearing all the hats, and worry if I could ever make enough to actually pay my bills through my creative passion.

I took all that I learned ​on this life journey to create ​services so you can breakthrough the ceiling of stress in your business and finally ​achieve your​ goals!

unofficial Title:

the business engineer.

i'm ready to put strategy to action!

Sweet words of praise

before working with andrea i felt like i was shooting in the dark

To be honest, before working with Andrea I felt like I was just shooting in the dark with my business. I had dreams and plans, but I really struggled with taking the chaos out of my organized chaos. I knew I had pain points in my business and one of them was being able to clearly define and communicate what I was struggling with.

Andrea took things step by step with me. We never moved onto the next step until I was confident and had the clarity I needed to understand what was going on in my business. AND now I know what to work on every day! I am so grateful for Andrea!

Marnie Dashwood

the mint sweater

We set financial and impact goals with a system to track All of the progress & Results.

Previously, I was totally disorganized, with documents stored all over the place. I was constantly searching for things. Once I brought on an assistant, I realized that I really needed to get things in order so that my business could operate more smoothly.

Andrea helped me do that, and so much more! We set financial and impact goals (for social media, marketing, google analytics, etc.) with a system to track it all. She also set me up with Asana, which is now serving as a business hub for me, making it so much easier to communicate with my team members!

Alix Turoff

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant & Certified Personal Trainer

she gave me the confidence to focus on delivering what I wanted to for my clients!

I contacted Andrea, after meeting her in a mastermind in the Launch Brand Grow community. I need her help redefine my services and target audience and streamline my business overall.

I am so thankful to Andrea for all her help in giving me the confidence to do what I really wanted to do for my clients, but was previously afraid to niche down. She really enabled me to cement my focus and with a plan... I feel a lot more ready now for whatever the future holds for me and my business!

Terrica Strozier

graphic designer


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