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Your offers don't align

The reason you're struggling to meet your goals is ...

... to your vision, goals, likes and customer needs!

So you can try everything from putting in extra time, getting more efficient, or hiring help, but these things aren't the answer!


You know exactly what to sell to meet your financial targets.

Your team and software support you, so you can focus on what matters most.

You have a system in place that creates sustainable processes with repeatable results.

You have a plan to implement the changes that will help you realize your goals.

Don't panic - It's all fixable!

It's time to make this

Imagine if:

You have peace of mind and can take a break without breaking your business!

Pathway to The Money


My framework for getting you set on the right path... with services that are designed to produce a business that supports your life!

Purpose: Define your why, mission and vision, uncover your dreams, and set goals and boundaries.

Alignment: Assess and align your offers to your purpose and your skills, likes, and strengths.

Tactics: Prioritize and plan activities per quarter to drive to and support your aligned offers.

Health: Assess your metrics and refine your offers and tactics accordingly.

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Tame your to-list by prioritizing your projects with lower level tasks and setting due dates in a 60-minute call.



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Complete the Pathway to the Money Method in five calls with a strategic plan, metrics, & a business hub.


to Action

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Analyze, recommend and update your offers via two 60-minute calls to bring them into alignment.


for ONLINE Service Professionals, Coaches + Educators



PURPOSE, ALIGNMENt, Tactics & health


Hello! I'm Andrea Layne

After 20 years in business, I discovered how to make the money I want and still be a great wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

ThRough it all i've learned this lesson:

Let's talk!

Do you want to know more about the services that I offer or how I can help you in this season of business? I would love to connect over a 30 minute Free Discovery Call!

passion isn't enough, and neither is hard work...

It takes vision, boundaries, and confidence to ask for what you want, and ignore what everyone else is saying and doing. And it takes planning and executing consistently. I'm here to help you get there too!

Business & Systems Strategist

Sweet words of praise

After working with andrea, I have a Clear path to reach my financial goals.

Before working with Andrea I had no systems. I had no vision for my business or steps to take. I was “scrappy,” but I was constantly running behind on my to-do list.

After working with Andrea, I have an automated, scalable business with concrete goals. Even more, I have an exact plan set in place to help me CRUSH those goals! I have a clear path for my business to reach my financial goals. I am able to work IN and ON my business. My energy has been re-focused on the things that I love doing... and that I am good at. This has skyrocketed the satisfaction that I have being a business owner.

Colleen Christensen

registered dietitian

i feel more organized, less stressed, and overall thrilled about the future!

Since starting to work with Andrea, I now have a team of game-changing contractors working in my business and an Asana hub where I can see who's working on what and what needs my attention daily.

My inbox is organized. My on-boarding is optimized. I have speaking gigs booked. And I was able to create several new digital products that bring in better clients that align with what I like doing best. On top of all of that, I have a clear path to my goals for the remainder of the year. I feel more organized, less stressed and overall thrilled about the future for my business.

Connie Holen

web designer & strategist

I brought in extra cash within an income stream I hadn't tapped into before!

When I came to Andrea I was a one woman show and couldn’t find a moment to pull myself out of the work I was doing to strategize and plan my big goals.

Andrea exceeded every expectation.
Her professionalism and experience of how an "operations department,” even in a soloprenuer business, should be approached was refreshing.

Just 7 days after completing our strategy session, I have already successfully completed my first mini goal, which brought in extra cash within an income stream that I hadn’t tapped into before!

Kristen Neiditch

wedding photography editor


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